The Variety of Uses of Human Patterns

How folks have been using the instrument

* Fit with job positions and descriptions.
* Organizational-structure compatibility.
* Relationship and problem-solving assets.
* Personal/professional development agendas.
* Interpersonal compatibility.
* Compile position/success/"pattern" profiles for matching candidates.
* Profile teams to assess team strengths and weaknesses.
* PERSONALITY PREFERENCES: Enables managers and coaches to develop a strategy to leverage preferences.
* INTERESTS: Enables managers and coaches to identify leverage training make appropriate work assignments.
* APTITUDES: Enables managers and coaches to develop career plans and goals.
* ATTITUDES TOWARD LEADERSHIP AND MEMBERSHIP: Enables coaches and managers develop teams, structure a supervision process, and help employees reach their promotion potential.
* ROLE AND OCCUPATIONAL PREFERENCES: Enables managers and coaches to assign work roles and patterns of work activity.
* DRIVES, DEFENSES, CONCERNS: Enables coaches and managers to handle exceptional incidents and events.
* OCCUPATIONAL INTERESTS: Enables the individual to identify actual preferred job roles and tasks.
* ORGANIZATIONAL ROLES: Identification of preferred roles with an organization.
* SOCIAL RELATIONS: Identification of preferred patterns of work group interaction.
* LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT PREFERENCES: Styles of management and patterns of personal and group leadership.
* STRENGTH'S AND WEAKNESSES: Assessment of resources and interests.
* PROBLEM-SOLVING PATTERNS: Identification of aptitudes, and problem-solving styles and formats.
* CONSISTENCY AND CONFLICTS: Information about intrapersonal issues.


A. Laffoley

Academic Program Director Raleigh- Durham, NC

I used the Human Patterns Inventory in the development program for high potential senior leaders and recommend it as an effective tool as part of any comprehensive employee development program. In my opinion an important differentiator of this tool is the light it shines on the switches that may occur in our behavior when we are in reaction mode (e.g. in a stressful situation). Bringing awareness to where this occurs is invaluable to an individual’s personal development.

K. Jobe

Executive Recruiter Charlotte, North Carolina Area

I have used the Human Patterns as an internal recruiter as well as during client “coaching” engagements. It is the most comprehensive psychometric test that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend this tool to any organization that is committed to talent optimization.

F. Christian

Managing Director Chicago, IL

Human Patterns is a rare exception among assessment tools. Most are simplistic and slipshod, more mirrors of their creators' craniums than windows into one's own. Human Patterns has a richness that allows me to start meaningful conversations with the hidden high potentials I work with, who after years of severe underemployment have lost sight of themselves and their unique ways of working with the world. I'm so enthusiastic I now require it for new clients to shortcut to solutions.