The Human Patterns Inventory is a comprehensive preference and interest inventory used by organizational development professionals and coaches to leverage the human capital of individuals and groups.

Human Patterns Inventory Administrators




The Human Patterns Inventory is a robust, comprehensive assessment of preferences and interests. If you are selecting or placing employees, developing emerging managers and leaders, coaching high potentials, building teams or implementing a succession plan; the Human Patterns Inventory can be a useful adjunct. It can be used to create a transparent culture where awareness of differences increases understanding among peers subordinates and leadership. An administration is usually valid for about three years. Subsequent administrations can be performed throughout the employment life cycle to track growth and development.


Human Patterns provides relevant information for the full range of human resource disciplines.


  • Leadership Coaches can coach based upon insight into preferences and interests and anticipate responses to stressful situations.
  • Management Trainers can develop management development programs for an individual manager or a group of managers.
  • Career Counselors can offer clients a thorough picture of their ideal working environment.
  • Human Resources Trainers can tailor training to match the learning styles of their trainees.
  • Employment and Recruitment Specialists can match individual candidates to job profiles and work group needs.
  • Employee Relations Specialists can predict areas of synergy and areas of conflict between individuals to mediate differences effectively.
  • Management Development Consultants can identify individual and group strengths and predict patterns of interaction.


Human Patterns Can Reveal:


  • How a person distributes their energy.
  • How a person operates in relaxed and pressured situations.
  • Motivational patterns.
  • Occupational interests.
  • Conflict management.
  • Insights for managing and coaching.


The Human Patterns Inventory Provides Specialized Reports To Address:


  • Job Selection, Promotion, Transfer
  • Comparisons of Peers, Subordinates, and Managers
  • Interests and Strengths
  • Training Needs
  • Work Group Gaps
  • Conflict Areas
  • Career Planning
  • Employee Counseling
  • Employee Engagement
  • Fit With Company Culture
  • Team Building
  • Management Development
  • Leadership Development



  • If you want to become an administrator, attach your CV to an email to us at for us to review. We reserve the right to select potential administrators based on a combination of training, experience, education, and certifications in coaching. We also select administrators with experience in training, employee development, and assessment of capability and job performance. Experience using other psychometric instruments is particularly important to us.

  • We will then forward a link to complete Human Patterns online and schedule an individual interpretation for you via Skype. If you then determine Human Patterns is suitable for your work with your clients or customers, we will schedule you for certification training that will cover instrument design and construction and interpretation basics. Certifications are provided by a select group of certified administrators who have at least 10 years of experience using Human Patterns. The fee for certification is dependent upon the method and process (tutorial or group), and whether the certification is for an individual professional or an organization (corporate or academic). Please contact us at to schedule and structure your training parameters. You can also email our Training Coordinator directly using or by calling 303-887-4598. Following certification, you will be issued an ID and will be enabled to forward links to people you select to complete the inventory. We will forward all results to you. Each administration, including reports, is $120.

  • A subset of administrators are organizational development, staffing, and team building specialists. The person who completes the inventory must give the administrator permission to share results with prospective employers, supervisors, and team members.

  • Every week, we host a Skype group session for certified administrators to discuss issues of interest and to make sure you have access to a peer group and other resources for fine tuning your interpretations. Discussion can be wide ranging because these sessions are led by Human Patterns Administrators with expertise in organizational development, coaching, or leadership training; but concerns and issues regarding use of the instrument are the first order of business.


    If you are interested in becoming an Administrator, please complete our inquiry form.


    A. Laffoley

    Academic Program Director Raleigh- Durham, NC

    I used the Human Patterns Inventory in the development program for high potential senior leaders and recommend it as an effective tool as part of any comprehensive employee development program. In my opinion an important differentiator of this tool is the light it shines on the switches that may occur in our behavior when we are in reaction mode (e.g. in a stressful situation). Bringing awareness to where this occurs is invaluable to an individual’s personal development.

    K. Jobe

    Executive Recruiter Charlotte, North Carolina Area

    I have used the Human Patterns as an internal recruiter as well as during client “coaching” engagements. It is the most comprehensive psychometric test that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend this tool to any organization that is committed to talent optimization.

    F. Christian

    Managing Director Chicago, IL

    Human Patterns is a rare exception among assessment tools. Most are simplistic and slipshod, more mirrors of their creators' craniums than windows into one's own. Human Patterns has a richness that allows me to start meaningful conversations with the hidden high potentials I work with, who after years of severe underemployment have lost sight of themselves and their unique ways of working with the world. I'm so enthusiastic I now require it for new clients to shortcut to solutions.