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The Human Patterns Inventory is an ipsative psychometric assessment that measures interests and preferences in both a relaxed, natural state and under a pressured, stressed state. Used for over thirty years in developing better leaders and managers and by organizations focused on selecting naturals.

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Human Patterns is built to exceed standards for psychometric instrumentation. A factor analytic tool with a large sample size is a required and essential piece of this diagnostic assessment.


Certified administrators have undergone an intensive boot camp, met educational and experience standards, completed practicums for delivery in recruitment, development and coaching techniques. Each certified administrator is required to sign an ethical agreement, meet continuing education requirements and undergo audits for compliance with Human Patterns required standards. Click here to find a Certified Human Patterns Administrator for your organization.

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How Does Human Patterns Work?

Great organizations succeed with talented leadership, healthy cultures and engaged teams. The Human Patterns Inventory offers statistically sound reliability, provides different results for different purposes, identifies nuances in preferences and interests, safeguards against over-generalizations and creates opportunities for open, candid communication to aid in personal and professional growth!


The 250 question ipsative assessment forces individuals to make 2000 decisions which provide insight into their preferences and interests naturally and under stress. Insights include: Keys to Personality, Basic Motivations, Work Roles Preferred, Leadership Behaviors, Direction of Energy, Criteria for Management, World Views, Sensitivities, Team Interaction, Interpersonal Relations, Defenses When Confronted, Interpersonal Work Environment. Click here to learn more.

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Download our brochure for an overview into the Human Patterns Inventory and the advantages of utilizing this assessment. For more specific, detailed questions, our FAQ is an excellent resource or contact us at If you are interested in becoming a Certified Administrator, click here for information about training, requirements and any available upcoming sessions.